Nature & Science

"A good education and an appreciation of nature's beauty are two of the most valuable things we can pass along to the next generation."
--Colorado State Representative Christine Scanlan, speaking about the value of environmental learning for kids

A Journey That Transforms
Big Thompson Elementary was officially designated a School of Nature and Science in 2009. This notable distinction means that students will experience intentional connections to nature and science throughout the course of their education at Big T.

Big T's ideal geographic location allows educators to integrate nature and science into all subjects. Students benefit from the ideal mountain setting where wildlife abounds and nature exploration awaits in the four-acre, outdoor education center.

Using natural sciences as the pathway to discover our interconnectedness instills deeper appreciation for the natural world and for others.

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Research shows that children who spend time in nature experience many advantages, including:

  • increased levels of academic success
  • enhanced problem-solving skills
  • improved physical and mental health
  • higher levels of self-confidence

Big T students not only acquire a comprehensive, quality education, they also learn to value and interact with the natural environment through a variety of experiences.

Recycling and Composting
All students actively participate in our recycling and worm composting programs which have helped reduce the school's lunch waste by two-thirds. Our innovative worm composting program has garnered regional media attention and offers a truly unique opportunity for children to witness an amazing aspect of our natural world while making a positive impact on the environment.

Natural Exploration
Unique environmental learning opportunities include specialized field trips and focused experiences. Students in all grades cooperatively maintain the school's garden which not only produces edible rewards but gives the students a hands-on learning field in which to explore and learn about the things we eat.

Green Blog
Check out all the latest happenings and musings about the exciting things happening at Big T:

Outdoor Education Center
In the four-acre outdoor education center, wildlife abounds and nature exploration awaits! Students benefit from the unique mountain setting of Big Thompson Elementary.

Strategic Partnerships
Our school has fostered strategic partnerships with respected organizations such as Rocky Mountain National Park, Larimer County Natural Resources Department, CSU Environmental Learning Center, and the Colorado Division of Wildlife. These partnerships allow us to provide enhanced programming, staff training, and student opportunities that strengthen children's educational experiences and spark their love of the outdoors and learning.

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